TheThingsNetwork Ulm

Starting in the second half of 2016 I am involved in creating a local LoRaWAN network in Ulm. We partnered with TheThingsNetwork from Amsterdam to create a free public sensor network for everyone to use and participate.

Supported by the we deployed (more than) 5 Kerlinks gateways around the city to kickstart the network and provide city wide coverage.

At the Verschwörhaus, our local hacker/maker space, we created the basic groundwork to build projects based in TTN and LoRa. One of the first things we did was to adapt the particulates (fine dust) sensor to use LoRa instead of WiFi.

Our code for this projects can be found at our GitHub:


A MQTT client to fetch data from TTN and forward it to But can also be used for any other API.

TTN Feinstaub Arduino

Arduino sketch to measure air quality with a SDS011 sensor and for sending the data to TTN.