Week of 04. 02. 2019

Great writeup around LED bulbs and their life time.

Week of 21. 01. 2019

Week of 26. 11. 2018

Week of 19. 11. 2018

Week of 30. 07. 2018

The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind.

Week of 04. 06. 2018

Roko used ideas in decision theory to argue that a sufficiently powerful AI agent would have an incentive to torture anyone who imagined the agent but didn't work to bring the agent into existence.

Week of 26. 03. 2018

Slowly the interest in RSS reader is coming back.

Week of 19. 02. 2018

Has some very valid insights, but in my experience this profession needs constant learning. Don't jump on every hype train, but try to keep up with things.