Week of 26. 03. 2018

Slowly the interest in RSS reader is coming back.

Week of 19. 02. 2018

Has some very valid insights, but in my experience this profession needs constant learning. Don't jump on every hype train, but try to keep up with things.

Week of 18. 12. 2017

Detailed analysis of the Google Map data.

Week of 04. 12. 2017

Week of 06. 11. 2017

Check how privacy-friendly your own (or any other) website is.
And another one on RSS and why it's better for some people (but not a replacement) for social media streams.
On the importance of RSS: high signal and low noise
What the web was (good) and where it is probably going (not so good).

Week of 30. 10. 2017

Wonderful article by Mark Frauenfelder (of Wired and Boing Boing) about losing access to his 7.5 Bitcoins.

Week of 16. 10. 2017

Week of 25. 09. 2017

Stunning and calm interactive animation.

Week of 18. 09. 2017

Good article about our local maker/hackerspace in Ulm (german).