android apps

iBeacon & Eddystone Scanner

iBeacon Scanner is a small and simple app to quickly scan for iBeacons, AltBeacons and Eddystone beacons. It displays the important data about a beacon like the distance, the UUID, major and minor values and some more. A chart shows the RSSI values for a selected beacon. It's also possible to continously export the raw beacon data into a simple .csv file.

Since April 2015 it's one of the most popular iBeacon apps on Google Play (at least if you search for 'iBeacon', because there is no decicated category for that).

iBeacon & Eddystone Scanner is a collection of gum vending machines on a map, that you can edit.

Take a picture of a gum vending machine, upload it and take part in creating the worlds most complete map of gums. Or just browse the map and view stunningly beautiful pictures of an urban art form that's nearly lost.

This project wouldn't be possible without my friend Jonas, who shot most of the early pictures and coded the web app,, which led to this app.

Humans in Space

Pushington is an app for receiving collected push messages from various sources. It's focused on people who know how to do an POST request to an given URL. Like an devop who wants to be notified when the web server is not responding anymore.

It's coupled with an web app where you can edit and manage all the stuff you want to push to the app.

Pushinton is available at

Humans in Space


Humans in space is a single purpose app: it displays the humber of humans currently in space.

The idea for this popped up while talking to a friend in the half time of a local basketball match. We wondered how many people there are currently in space. After writing this app, we finally know!



Jefferson is a ToDo list for Android. Yep, a ToDo list, like there are many dozen others out there.

But Jefferson is fast, very good looking and has a strong focus on beeing simple and, that's the most important part, doesn't get in your way.

Jefferson is nearing it's completion. I just have to remove all the rough edges. Which always takes the most time...